Sitting and Standing and Strawberries

Little Champ has been sitting better lately. The other day he sat up by himself (holding himself up on his hands for balance) and he just seems more interested in sitting now, so I let him try sitting in a shopping cart…

who, me?

…and he was great! Obviously I had him buckled in, and the straps helped keep him up.

Can you guess the store? Well, they had organic baby food on sale, so I went a little overboard buying him food. I also got him one of those mesh feeders. After some sweet potatoes, I gave him a bath, and he was sitting the whole time by himself. And splashing like an adorable maniac. (Next bath will be in the bath-room.)

But his gums were bothering him, and he still seemed hungry, so I decided to try out the mesh feeder. One frozen strawberry later, my baby had transformed into a magenta vampire (strawpire? vampberry?) and the little monster was growling for more cold, gooey red yumminess. I knew I shouldn’t have introduced fruits until he had plenty of yucky vegetables first :)

Today I was helping Champ stand up when he grabbed hold of the ottoman. Then he held himself up, and was just holding on to the ottoman, standing. He probably would have just kept standing there, except he started reaching for pointy objects to put in his mouth (a fork), so I picked him up.

Maybe we will try it again sometime. But it’s been a big couple of days for my army-crawling, sit upping, splashing, sort of standing little guy, and he is really cranky right now because it is past his bedtime.


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