Future Frugal Friday: ReFurbishing Furniture

This past Friday was a mom-must-stay-offline-at-all-costs-so-she-cleans Friday.

But Saturday I did some frugaling and got an Amish rocking chair for $30.

As soon as I saw it from afar, I knew it would need new fabric. Should be easy enough, right? I have seen furniture that was reupholstered using towels. Here’s what it looks like now:

There are also some tears  in the fabric, so I will need to reupholster it anyway.

The sad thing is, after I had bought it and driven away, I realized that it came from a smoker’s home. Flashbacks ensued to the nightmare that was the first bed frame LT and I bought. After 2 hours of cleaning and scraping tar off of the wood, we gave up and returned it, whether they would give us our money back or not.

But I have been wanting a rocking chair like this for about forever, and for $30, even the slightest possibility I can get rid of the smoke smell is enough to get me motivated.

I am thankful, though, because before I went to the hardware store to find some heavy duty sand paper, I googled refinishing old furniture (I don’t want to mess it up) and I came across a video tutorial by Eric Stromer! If you don’t know who Eric Stromer is (at least by face and hair), you don’t watch HGTV. All the ladies LOVE Eric. And you want to know why? It isn’t his flowing, golden locks (a la Prince Charming from the Shrek movies), or the fact that he is a manly carpenter man in a world full of  women and flamboyant interior decorators. It is because in one of his shows, he would dip his fingers into the paint and smear the color onto the wall with his hands. Men: feel free to try that move the next time you and your lady are painting a room. I can’t guarantee results.

Anyway, I am having trouble embedding the video, so click here to see it..

Usually I am against using chemicals when I can help it, but the extra “kick” might dig deeper and get the nicotine smell out, too. I’ll see. I’m going to have to get a sitter, though, so my little man isn’t anywhere near the garage when I am using the stuff.

I am really excited and a little terrified to rework this chair. If all goes well, I think it will be a great addition to our work-in-progress bedroom!

Who knows when I will get the chance to work on this baby, but I will post updates on the progress I make :)

P.S. Can’t wait for my tutorial on reupholstering? Check this video out.


2 thoughts on “Future Frugal Friday: ReFurbishing Furniture

  1. Please post pics when you reupholster! I have this same exact chair, it was my mother’s and she gave it to me when I bought my first apartment. She has since passed but now I just bought my first house and I want to redo the rocker to match my new decor.

    • Hi Patricia, I’m sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. The chair will be a beautiful project to do in her memory! Unfortunately I never could get the cigarette smell out of the wood, so we had to scrap the chair. Best of luck with yours, though!

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