6 months old!

Yesterday the little man turned the big 6-mo.

If you are following me on facebook, you may have heard that I tried to take video of him scooting to get his puppy toy. “Tried,” is the key word. After 15 minutes of adorably inefficient scooting and crawling and pulling, Joey reached his toy, and I stopped the recording. Then realized that the last 14 minutes and 30 seconds were audio only.

Thankfully, that was his second attempt of the day, and I have some snapshots from his first.

As soon as I put him on his back, he grabbed his dragonfly toy and pulled himself over.

So you want to play games, huh?

The puppy is placed. “Aw, Mom! How did you know?”

Move #1: “The flying baby”

Moves #2-4: Army crawl, pull, stare down.

Move #5: the reach

Move #6: The Look Mommy

Moves #7-9: retrieval, possession, enchompment

Enchompment. Is that French?




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