Phebruary Photos

What on earth could be more important than blogging?

(Do I really need to answer that?) Just be happy that this blogger has some priorities in life. And makes up for an online absence by adding lots of photos!

P.S. For more photos, be sure to check out Bewildered Mother on facebook and SatisFi Design on flickr .

Champ in his cute plaid outfit with matching jacket. Gotta love overalls!

Champ went to his first birthday party, for our neighbor’s daughter who is 2, and played with his first balloon. The balloon experience was adorable, but because I was holding him, I didn’t get any photos

Watching his first football game (the Superbowl) with Dad

Posing in his Bumbo (and wearing his Baltic Amber teething necklace)

Dear Sophie, I love you. We lost Sophie the Giraffe, but found her again at the nursery at church. It was a dark week in the W household without her.


The Ducktail in all its glory.

You know you missed us.

Valentine’s Day roses

Champ’s first haircut. Even with LT holding his head in place, the kid was thrashing about like a wild thing—not sad or upset, just crazy—so next time I will be cutting his hair whilst he sleeps.

Sporting the “Friar Tuck” look

I wanted to bring our North Carolina sunshine inside, so I went shopping at Michael’s

Henry wonders how I know that he jumped up on the table. Maybe he thought the bird was real?

Crown tealight holder, pitcher vase, bird and eggs: Michaels. Tablecloth: Target clearance section, after Valentine’s Day sale

My mini shopping buddy.

I don’t want to raise my kids on television. But I desperately needed to get some housework done, so I turned on the boob tube and introduced Champ to the best Disney movie of all time. Screen capture copyrighted and belongs to Disney, blah blah blah I am not a crook.

Champ has learned how to roll across the room. He has yet to discover evasive rolling, though, and takes out his frustration on his inhibiting activity gym by gnawing on its infrastructure.

Getting ready for summer. An outfit his daddy would love (for the gator, the sharks, and “awesome”), and some sweet shades.

Even more shopping, since Champ is growing out of all of his 3-6 month clothes and had maybe one or two 6-9 month outfits. My favorite is the bottom right one :) Mervyns is dangerous for a person who likes shopping for deals. I am going to have to seriously limit time there!

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