New Photos (and shameless self-promotion)

So I finally got a flickr account. I only uploaded photos (for now) that are in my online photography portfolio. But that includes pictures of my little man, of course.

Yesterday I spent all day photo editing. It was so wonderful. Plus it was fun giving some of my older photos the attention they deserve. And, not just because it is “in” right now, but because I love the rose, yellow and aqua color palette, I did some up in that pinkish cross-processing effect you see everywhere right now. That includes the new banner:

It’s a temporary banner, since I still want to have an illustrated banner (look for it this spring/summer). Who can’t love a face like that?

Of course, I know that those baby blues are the REAL reason I even have followers to this blog. Don’t deny it, you are here for the cuteness, not for me. ;)

Anyway, here’s my flickr page. If you don’t know what is, it’s my website, and it’s semi-under construction for the time being. I don’t really advertise my photo-taking, because there are approximately 800 other photographers in the area, and I have a little one to take care of now, and I am primarily a graphic designer anyway, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love taking photos and expanding my portfolio!

Starting around Valentine’s Day, I am going to do that 365 photo thing I have seen some people doing. And if I am really cool, I will post them on my blog (most will be of Little Champ, since I don’t get out much) like Adventures of the Stay at Home Mom. (When I start my second pregnancy, I would LOVE to do something similar to her “peanut gallery”—it is THE cutest idea!)

I am going to launch an etsy site next month. After I do so, I will start doing giveaways for faithful readers and Facebook & Twitter followers. To follow me on either, click on the blue “t”  or “f” in the right column of my blog.

Posts might be sparse the next couple weeks as I spend some quality time with my hubby. But I will probably have a 5-month photoshoot with my little trooper of a model, and I will post those.




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