January, in photos (most of it anyway)

Teething and sleep training have been sucking the life outta me. So to make up for lack of blogging, here’s a bunch of photos showing what we’ve been up to. With some comments from the elephant gallery. (Aren’t you readers the peanut gallery? What gallery am I? I wish I were an elephant…I wouldn’t have such a terrible memory, and I could actually be satisfied working for peanuts. Ba dum dum.)

Sleeping baby. Sleep is rare these days.

Champ learned how to play with toys on January 11th. Mommy gave him a toy parade.

He’s getting better at using his hands. This is a big deal.

Especially because he might be able to keep a pacifier/teething toy in his mouth soon!

Jedi in Training. He is going to be such a cute nerd when he grows up. Like his uber hot daddy!

Champ began protesting the bouncy chair.

Henry took over almost immediately. Literally, within minutes.

Story time with my favorite guys. Part of our new bedtime routine, which was working until those blasted incisors started tormenting my baby.

Champ tries oatmeal.

I always thought those mini blankets with the decapitated stuffed animal were very strange. Okay, I still do. But Champ likes to cuddle, and if we want him out of our bed, we will give him cuddly things.

Even if they are monkeys.

I also thought that “activity gyms” were a waste of money. Then I thought they might be good for the transition period from toy awareness to toy handling. I was sold when we went to pick him up from nursery on Sunday and he was amusing himself with one of these. Self-entertainment is a big deal when mommy needs to get work done. I love that we can switch out his toys. The frog is his favorite right now. (Did you “spot” Sophie the Giraffe? She is WONDERFUL)

Champ has also learned how to play with his Jumperoo. Minus the bouncing part, since he still can’t reach the ground.

Good morning, handsome! Nice hair!

Thanks, Mom.

Still being a weirdo about the chair.

I cleaned our bedroom, got new sheets, and a new comforter on clearance at Target

He was sitting like a champ today! So I tested him out in the laundry basket.

He will be sitting on his own soon, before 6 months, I think.

Well, that last photo was today. Last night was nightmarish. Actually, it was worse, because we didn’t even get enough sleep to have nightmares. Champ’s tried teething toys (again, Sophie is the bee’s knees), but neither of us can hold them in his mouth all night long, so he wants to nurse, then eats too much, then can’t sleep, then wants to nurse again. It’s a vicious cycle that I really try to avoid. Baby tylenol works a little, but not much. I don’t like giving him drugs, so I try to avoid them. I got some natural Orajel, and that just makes him make a funny face (though I appreciate the comedic relief). I ordered a teething necklace from Hazelaid.com a few days ago. The family is on vacation, so hopefully that will come next week. I’ll write a review if those work!

But my spirits are still up. (Even though last night, for the first time in my life, I really, really wanted a beer. We had zilch.) Mostly my spirits are up because I found one of my favorite TV shows of all time on YouTube. Being Eve—it’s a witty/philosophical teen romance from New Zealand. I watched all 13 episodes of season 1 today and yesterday. I had to stop so I could save the last season for next week. I love it, but don’t recommend it for kids. Anyway, tonight is movie night! We are watching Another Thin Man.

Another Thin Man

If you haven’t seen the Thin Man movies (there are 7, I think…maybe 5), and you like mysteries and/or witty comedies, try them out. They are seriously funny, especially for black and white movies. Think Arsenic and Old Lace without so much chaos.

I am now going to fight the good fight again: entering the bedtime warzone.

Adios, muchachas (y muchachos).


4 thoughts on “January, in photos (most of it anyway)

  1. I love this post and all the pictures. I used to think play gyms were pointless (and wayy too pricey…) but i have the same one you have and Ezra lived on it from 5 weeks til about 4 months old. lol he loved it!

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