Happy Holidays!

We hope you are having a blessed, safe, and fun holiday season.

Christmas was lovely, though not white, as I had hoped. Figures that North Carolina would have a white Christmas and we would not, even if we were in Colorado. But we have half a foot now, so I am happy.

LT and I just had our first anniversary of marriage, and we are celebrating this weekend. We hoped we could leave Champ with Grandma, but he has been refusing the bottle and, with the exception of today, has wanted to eat every hour and a half. Ugggggggh. He gets his stubbornness from me.

He also gets his little melodramatics from me. The other day he woke up an started crying. Then stopped, opened his eyes to see if I was looking, then closed his eyes and started crying again. What a cute little twerp. I am not looking forward to tantrum throwing time.

He has been chatting up a storm! Obviously no words yet, but right now, he is sitting on my lap just talking to himself. Recently he has discovered how to combine G and L: gluh gluh gluh and even roll his B’s, sounding like a little motorboat. Bbbbbbbbbbbbbb.

Sunday he turns 4 months old.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say, “Hullo!” and post a cutsey photo, whilst wishing you all a happy vacation and happy new year.

See you in 2011!


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