3 months old!

Betcha can’t guess who is three months old today.

Okay, I suppose you can. Well, it gave me an excuse to take some photos of my little happy bundle. And while I am tempted to post all of the photos here, that would be a little much. So here are my favorite 5.

This was the first snapshot I got. He was ready to model for mommy!

Finally some photos of that huge smile of his.

Being a stud.

Showing off his duck tail hair.

Showing off his Marine Corps pride.

And yes, that is Henry’s tail. He jumped in on the photoshoot a couple of times.

That’s about all for today, since I spent too much time taking and editing photos and no time tackling Mount Everest in our closet. To say I need to do laundry is a slight understatement.

But, I could use some help from you, the reader! Yes, YOU! I have decided to give the blog a facelift in 2011, and I need your help. Check out the Bewildered Mother facebook page and tell me your favorite thing about Diary of a Bewildered Mother. Your input will give me some inspiration for the new design.

(I am considering drawing some illustrations for the blog, and even drawing some comics about the adventures of momdom every once in a while! We will see in 2011!)


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