Look how much he’s grown!

Still trying to write that novel, since it is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Of course, having a newborn does put a damper on things…and by things, I mean everything. So I am ridiculously behind on my word count for NaNoWriMo. Since it is already the 15th, I should have 25,000 words already. I have less than 7,500. I’m also slow-going with a website design I am doing, and of course housework is sluggish, since basically all I have time for is diaper washing.

Needless to say, I have not whipped out my sewing machine in weeks, so it might be a few more days before I post the Mommy DIY blog on making nursing pads. I could just type about it, but I would prefer to include illustrations.

Pretty sure Champ is going through another growth spurt. He is eating CONSTANTLY, and he is not happy unless he is being held, preferably in a way that he can stand up, with assistance. The beginning of November, he wasn’t happy unless he was sitting up. And I am sure you heard that he sat up, by himself, for three whole seconds. By himself. By his two-month-old self. He can roll over pretty consistently (unless I have a camera out), and has even started pseudo-scooting during tummy time. But he doesn’t particularly like tummy time. As I said, he has to be sitting up or standing to be happy, which means unless LT is home and holding him, I have at most one hand to do things, or else I have an unhappy baby on my hands. Well, not on my hands. That’s why he’s unhappy.

Anyway, I say “another” growth spurt (I did say that, like half an hour ago) because he has had so many already. In two months, he doubled his weight. His face looks pretty similar, and he still has all the hair, from when he was a week old, but he is so much bigger! Of course, you really don’t think about it if you see him every day, since the change is so gradual. But yesterday I saw some of his itty bitty baby photos, and felt compelled to do a side by side. When I should have been working on the novel or housework, etc.

But mommyhood comes first, and I would much rather hold my baby and miss out on the world than hold onto the world and miss out on my baby.

Here are those photos.

Momma bird, over and out.


2 thoughts on “Look how much he’s grown!

  1. k, dont know if i’m preaching to the choir here…. but with my kiddos, at that time, i had a jumper, high chair and swing that i would rotate them between, adding in floor time of course. still was very hard to get anything done with that much cuteness in the world, but it helped! also, if u have a mommy friend, once or twice a week, have her come over n watch the kids for a couple hours, clean, get work done, then go to her house and return the favor!

  2. Josiah fusses in the swing after about 30 seconds, and keeps fussing until someone picks him up. It’s good if he is sleeping, though!

    I am transferring him between my lap, the boppy, and his bouncy seat. We are getting him a jumper for Christmas, though it would be nice to have one now! :)

    I have one mom who lives by me right now. I suggested we do a baby swap some time. She said her little one is high maintenance, but that she would be willing to take mine. Two weeks ago I did a kid swap with a friend, which worked well, but we used the time for our writing! :P

    My husband is extremely good to me. He either takes Joey when he’s home or helps with housework. The poor man already cooks most the time! I am very blessed.

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