Halloween update

I know, I know, it has been forever since I have updated. If you didn’t see Little Champ’s video to the readers, then check it out on the Bewildered Mother facebook page.

Things have been crazy around here. Since I am not entirely keen on typing for extended amounts of time with only one hand (as I am doing now), I haven’t posted for a while (obviously). But on top of taking care of this ridiculously adorable baby (which takes more time than people who do not stay home with babies might realize), I have had even more on my plate.

LT will be deploying in the future, so I have been getting ready for that, spending time with him and socializing so that I have a support system when he is gone. (I will not be disclosing online when he will be gone, for security reasons. I hope you understand.)

Then there are household chores. Those abhorrent ones like laundry and dishes that never, ever end. I will be terrified when we move off base and have to pay our water bill ourselves. Thanks, US government!

Plus I had to get ready for our Halloween party, which consisted of unpacking all my boxes of frames to put on the wall for my photo collage, printing off all new photos for the frames, and packing them all back into the boxes when I realized there was no possible way I would actually finish before the party, because the costumes still weren’t ready.


I made two for the little stinker.

#1—The Tenth Doctor (from Doctor Who)

#2—Wicket the Ewok (Return of the Jedi)

I made the costumes without a pattern, using my new sewing machine. Apparently I made the pants too small for Joey’s gigantic diapers when I was altering them, because when I tried putting them on him, they didn’t fit over his little tushie. If we had held him upright, he would be showing midriff…

It was also super warm, so he wore this for the rest of the night:

Of course, Mom and Dad stayed in their super awesome Han and Leia costumes.

Okay, I think that is enough photos for now. Plus, Little Champ finally fell asleep, so I am going to bed! It’s 12:39 am, which means it is officially Day 4 of NaNoWriMo—National Write a Novel Month. For some reason, I got the whack-brained idea that I should participate this year, and got my writers’ group to join as well. The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. That averages over 1,600 words per day. In the past three days, I have written 667 words.

I have no more to say about that.

Adios for now. I’ll post again, a DIY project for nursing mommies, after I get some serious wordage on this beast. I mean novel.

Just thought you should know, that while typing this blog, trying to get the resistant little goober to fall asleep tonight, I was listening to the “Lullaby” station on Pandora. “The Rainbow Connection” came on. My beating heart just got a little bit gooey-er.

Also, today Little Champ sat up, unassisted, for three. whole. seconds!!!!!!!! I have a twelve pound genius baby on my hands/lap. My mompride knows no bounds.


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