I’ve become THAT mom

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with attachment parenting; it’s just not for me. I want my children to be independent. Plus I feel like I would take it to the extreme.

Upon hearing about co-sleeping for the first (and, during my pregnancy, subsequent) times, I decided that co-sleeping was ridiculous. I don’t want my kid in my bedroom every night—that room is for me and my husband. Of course, I knew that we would have the baby in our room for at least the first few weeks, but he would be sleeping in his seat or on the floor. Not in our bed.

The only people who talk smack about babies being in bed with their parents are people who haven’t done it. Do you know how much easier it is to nurse a baby who is lying next to you than one you have to pick up and cradle? Especially when you are so exhausted and sleep-deprived, you can’t lift your head?

So yes, my baby is in our bed sometimes. And there is 0% chance of him falling out of bed or me rolling over on top of  him. Even when we are both sleeping, I am constantly aware of him and myself—it’s like a spiritual connection. He’s actually safer sleeping with me than unattended in a crib, where a chance of SIDS is higher. That isn’t to say that we will never have him sleep in his crib, however. Once he isn’t getting up every couple of hours to feed, we will  have him sleeping in the nursery.

I have also felt more like an attachment parent lately because I had to find a babysitter for an even that is coming up in a couple of weeks (Oktoberfest…hee hee). I was absolutely terrified to think about leaving our infant with someone we don’t know. It was hard enough to leave him with my mother while she was visiting, when LT and I went out together. But Sittercity.com has free services for military families, so I was able to go online and see applications and profiles from sitters all over town. I found a couple real keepers! That won’t keep me from calling to check up on my baby once or twice while LT and I are out—I am a new mother, after all—but it was a relief to find someone that I could “profile” before hiring.

I still resist leaving Champ at the nursery during church. Even though I am pumping now, so that he can have a bottle for such occasions. By divine providence, Champ started fussing during service today, and when I picked him up, he was completely soaked, so I had to take him to the nursery to change him. The room was not supervised by texting, uninterested teenagers, nor was it filled with small children exhibiting flu symptoms and wiping boogers all over the shared toys. There were three toddlers, who seemed to have clean bills of health and were not sucking and drooling on all the toys, and they were being supervised by an elderly couple who had many grandchildren of their own. No one was even screaming or crying. And while it still might take a couple of weeks before I leave my one-month old baby in the nursery, it did put my mind at ease. Maybe I will even let him stay in the nursery before he gets all his immunizations at his 2-month check up.

I am going to be such a wreck on Champ’s first day of kindergarten, I can tell you that much.


7 thoughts on “I’ve become THAT mom

  1. totally w/ you on this one!! sigh, i wouldnt even put my son down at night for the first 2 weeks, i would sleep in the recliner w/ him. my hubby finally had to pry him out of my arms put him in the bassinet and make me come to bed. then i moved my son to my bed… LOL!!! as long as he’s not sleeping in your bed as a teenager (and i’ve never heard of that) enjoy the time… it’s the only time in your’s and his life that you’ll be able to!!!

    • We didn’t think about getting those because my mom said that my brothers and I all absolutely hated the bassinet. Josiah rejected the swing and bouncy seat. He sleeps on a quilt on the floor next to the bed. It totally works. It is flat but not too hard, and it was free.

      Getting one of those would probably be a good investment, though, if you are planning on having him in the room for a while!

  2. William sat with us in church instead of the nursery until recently- when he found his voice EVERY morning and insisted on screaming “amen” after the preacher :-P. At 6.5months he is now in the nursery every Sunday..lol.

    I hope you guys are able to enjoy your time out together though, if while checking in on the little guy! Ya’ll desrve some awesome husband/wife time.

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