Mommy Project of the Week: Room Redesign

In high school I was addicted to HGTV. I was pretty sure I was going to be an interior designer. Then reality hit me, mostly in the form of my mother, who reminded me that interior designers have to do whatever the client wants. And let’s face it, clients usually have terrible taste, which is why they hire designers in the first place. (Of course, my current career, graphic design, isn’t without similar clients.)

Anyway, there is this show on HGTV where a designer comes in and “remixes” a room in someone’s house. They rearrange the furniture and then shop the other rooms in the house for new accessories, etc. and the end result is a totally different looking room—at no cost.

Now, we have been living in this house for about 4 months, and it is pathetic how bare our walls are. I’m the type of person who decorates the walls before I unpack my clothes. So I was set to start putting up some frames yesterday, since I was no longer pregnant, Champ was sleeping, and I had actually felt rested enough to do something (other than sleep) while he slept. My first target was the huge amount of space on the wall where our TV currently resides. I thought I could hang up some of my framed records—West Side Story, Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady, Sound of Music—but realized that would look pretty contemporary. The majority of our living room is not contemporary, except for our IKEA TV stand.

I also realized that leaving the TV where it was, whether flanked by white walls or surrounded by decor, made our television the focal point of the room, which I am not completely okay with. We are not a TV family. We don’t have cable, and the TV is often turned off, except for when we are watching movies or playing video games.

Thus I decided that a room remix was in order for my humble living room.


This is the first view, and thus, the first impression, of our living room when you walk in the door. From this view, one might think that we are channel-surfing nomads, rather than a small family.

Look! We have a sofa! From your first impression, you may have thought that we sat on camping chairs and rested our feet on a stack of old Dominos boxes. The clock I bought at Kmart for a ridiculously awesome price is the only thing on the wall. The desk I refurbished is hidden behind the couch, in a little nook.

Obviously the most wonderful fixture in our living room is the baby (who, though sleeping, on his tummy, on a Boppy, on a couch, is being supervised, is neither suffocating nor seriously injured, and probably has a greater chance of being struck by the lightning outside than by falling off, head first, onto the floor).

The best thing about having the couch like this is that we can hide things behind it.

More bare walls. The bookshelf is staying put, but will be less cluttered and will be bracketed by photos on the walls…or something.

And that bring us to…


I’m going to rotate the sofa 90 degrees counterclockwise. The TV+stand and the desk will change places. The TV may or may not be angled in the corner. I don’t really want it blocking part of the window, but leaving extra space in the corner leaves room for kitties and babies to play with power cords.

The blank wall in the dining room will become my photo collage wall. At the center will be a family portrait in a nice frame. I am oh-so excited for this wall!

We will have to see how we like the sofa there. The back of it would create a half wall, which makes a little half-hallway from the front door. If we don’t like it, then we will rotate it another 90 degrees cc, and float it in the middle of the room. I think that might cut off the room too much, though, given the size of our sofa.

That’s the plan, and that’s what I will be up to this week during nap times! One of my old roommates (and also bridesmaid) is coming down to visit for a few days, so I am sure much happy chaos will ensue. Ice cream, cookies, and chick flicks abounding.


5 thoughts on “Mommy Project of the Week: Room Redesign

    • Well, to be honest, the baby and the cat weren’t planned in the first place :P

      But the reason they are not in my drawing is because Josiah will probably be sleeping in the other room while I rearrange the furniture.

  1. I LOVE this design post!! What program did you use to do all the sketching on top of the photos?!?!! LOVE IT! :) Wanna do my house next! :)

    I’m just surfing the Military Family links via Top Mommy Blogs – A few months ago I started a Military Spouse Blogging Community and it has grown to over 400 blogs – I would love for you to stop by sometime!

    Ann Marie @Household6Diva

    • I used Photoshop as the program, but I used my tablet to “draw” on the photos. (I have a VisTablet—it is much cheaper than a Wacom and still works with my mac. I might be upgrading to a Wacom sometime, though, because they have more settings for digital art and illustration.)

      I checked out your link, but I will go back to it when I have more time :)

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