This is just a super quick post that should (I hope) be very helpful to parents of infants and baby caregivers.

Swaddling makes babies feel secure and stops them from crying. After being in the hospital and falling in love with the thermal blankets they used there, I decided I needed to get some PRONTO for our wee little lad.

Thermal cloth keeps the baby warm in winter and cool in summer. Our hospital used Rabbit Skins brand.


Baby cocoon


And while I totally loved the Rabbit Skins, I (being the cheapskate I am) found some blankets on Amazon that were half the price—almost a quarter the price if you consider shipping.

So I got Luvable Friends receiving blankets. They are a bit thin, so I was having more trouble getting the swaddle to “Stick” with these more than with thicker blankets.

Of course, to solve this problem, I consulted YouTube.

Here is a video on the “best swaddle” method. It does work excellently—on square blankets:

That is probably the best swaddling method I have tried. However, since my thermals are 30″ by 40″ rectangles, I found the following video to be helpful with those particular blankets. Plus, it one is super easy!

Have fun swaddling! One viewer of the first video apparently successfully swaddled her cat—several times. I do not recommend this.


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