36 Weeks

Not much to report on the baby end.

Little Champ should be about 18.5 inches long and almost 6 pounds. He will gain about a half pound each week until he is born. I don’t know for sure, but it feels like he is head down and in the right position, with his little bottom up by my ribs, and his little shoulders by my pelvis.

Like This!

It feels like he has been making his way down, but it has been a gradual feeling, so I am not completely sure, since many people have said that it is pretty obvious when the baby drops down, and that my breathing should improve and heartburn should lessen. Well, that isn’t the case. I had to take my inhaler twice this week, and I have been getting bad heartburn again.

Thankfully, the heartburn, carpal tunnel, and contractions usually don’t come at me all at once, so there is at least some variety to my discomfort.

My contractions have slowed down. I will get about 3 big ones per day, but that’s it. We are starting to wonder if he will stick around for a while.

I found out at my appointment this week that I tested positive for Group B Strep. That means that I will need an IV to get the antibiotics going, so the baby doesn’t get deathly ill. Obviously I will do whatever it takes for the health of my baby, but I am still terrified. I have a thing about veins…I get very flushed even if I see someone else getting their pulse taken. If I get my own pulse taken, I start to get faint. (Once, back in middle school, I was wearing a mood ring when a nurse was taking my pulse. It turned from blue-green to black.)

So basically I am afraid that I will pass out once they put the IV in. Plus, as long as I am hooked up, it will be oh so easier for the doctors to inject Pitocin into me. I am expecting there will be crying. LT is expecting that he will have to keep me calm and protect me from icky Pitocin. If he is not in the delivery room with me for whatever reason…I am going to be a wreck. One bigger than the Titanic, even.

Anyway, we are hoping that I can be put on a Hep-lock, so I can still move around until they absolutely need to “plug me in.” We’ll see, I guess.

Also at my appointment, LT looked over my shoulder while I was getting weighed. I groaned at the results. His response?

“Don’t worry, honey! I have weighed more than that before.”

“Yeah,” I said, “with all your gear on!”

“Nah. Just a flak jacket.”

A flak jacket, for us civvies, is body armor. One typically weighs 30-40 lbs, without equipment on it. Don’t you love a man with a sense of humor.

36 weeks: I have gained about 30 lbs, and over 12 inches to my waist. Yikes!

Oh! I got my order of Flip Diapers in! I was surprised at how gigantic the inserts are. I mean, if they were smaller, they wouldn’t really work, but still, I didn’t expect that a stack of 6 inserts would be the size of a loaf of bread!

I am going to have to get some pre-fold diapers, pretty sure. I added them to my registry, along with some Thirsties diaper covers, but I think I will order a dozen soon just to be prepared.

The nursery is coming along. I expect it won’t really be finished until Little Champ is about 6 months old, since I want to paint some canvases for his room, and will want to add pictures and such. Plus, his book collection will grow once my momma comes to visit (and brings me my old books) and after Christmas (I am sure I will be buying him plenty of books!).

This week I also started on the changing pad for the nursery. The covers won’t be finished until next week, when the sewing machine I ordered comes in, but I will post a sneak peek of it this afternoon!


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