Nursery Makeover Pt. 2: Furniture

Read Part 1 here.

So, this is more of a “Sneak Peek” because I haven’t finished putting everything together yet. Plus I am getting another piece of furniture very soon. And LT is going to make Little Champ a toy shelf or toy chest to put under the window.

Anyway, we should start with the crib, shan’t we?

We got the crib for $60. I liked the color and simple style (not to mention the price). I also liked that it was not a convertible crib, which seems to be the only thing in stores these days.

When I went to wipe down the crib before we assembled it, I discovered splatters of what looked like barbeque sauce all over the rungs and in little crevices. And this splatter was on every side of every piece. It’s like the people who owned the crib before us hooked up a sprinkler to a keg of barbecue sauce and sprayed the lawn with it, and the crib found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Anyway, after a couple of hours scrubbing, half of that with a toothbrush, I got all of the little specks off. And it is a pretty nice crib. The only real problem with it is that one of the sides is a little wobbly, so LT is going to secure that before Little Champ sleeps in the crib. We don’t want him getting his cute baby appendages pinched!

I got two sets of bedding that match the room. One from a friend from my writer’s group, and one I bought for $25. So I’ve got 2 quilts, two dust ruffles, and quite a supply of sheets. The sheet on the mattress in the picture I registered for, and a friend from back in MN sent to me.

So crib & bedding total? $85 out of pocket.

This lonely rocking chair, which I got in college for $7 (I love it!), will someday be part of the reading corner.

Oh, and that blanket? It was given to me free, along with a ton of other baby stuff, by the stranger who gave us the bookshelf/dresser (below)

We are getting a side table soon for the reading nook. On the table will be this lamp and shade:

Do you know how impossible it is to find a lamp base that is cheaper than $15? I wanted something simple. Something that should, I would think, cost about 8 bucks. This stand was from K-mart and cost a little over $6. Of course, it isn’t listed online. I found it in store. The shade is listed for $10 at Sears, but it was on sale for less than $8. So for less than 15 dollars, I got a lamp and shade that matches my nursery. Compare that to other nursery lamps, which go for $40-$50. If I really wanted to deal with acrylics again, I could have painted the free lamp shade that came with the $6 lamp from K-mart. But after all those polka dots on the walls, I was fine forking up the 8 dollars for a “designer” shade.

We got the massive bookshelf / dresser combo that takes up the entire unpainted wall. For $50. You can see pictures of that soon, when I post about one of my nursery projects: a DIY changing pad (and covers). I’d also like to get some more baby books for the shelves before I post more pictures—they are pretty empty right now.

But you can see at least part of it in these pictures.

This rug came with the bedding I bought for $25.

I am oh so excited for the two DIY projects I have coming up—I am making a valance for the window using the bumper that came with the $25 bedding, and I am making a changing pad that will fit on top of the dresser. I got THE CUTEST fabric for it. (I might be making a mobile, too—but that will likely wait a while.)

Of course, if the baby comes earlier than I can finish the changing pad, I can always use the one that came with the diaper bag I bought from JC Penneys for $30.

I loved this thing the first time I saw it. The “in” thing to do now is to try and get a diaper bag that looks like a ginormous purse, so women feel like women, and not moms. (Seriously, people have said that.) Honestly, I am excited to be a mom, I’m going to be a mom for the rest of my life, a mom IS a woman, no one is going to buy that any diaper bag is a purse and not a diaper bag, I am not afraid to show that I can reproduce, AND THIS BAG IS ADORABLE.

Until next time.



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