Nursery Makeover Pt. 1: Paint

What we started out with:

At first, I thought I wanted to go with a blue room. But after figuring out the theme (animal alphabet) and seeing my choices in bedding, and actually taping the paint swatches on the wall, we decided to go with a light green. I had the swatch I wanted, but the color choices at Walmart (I wanted Kilz paint, after reading reviews) were limited. Unfortunately my swatch didn’t have the mixing formula on the back, so I found the closest match possible. After the lovely old paint man mixed it for me, I thought it looked too yellow. It was, indeed, more yellow than the little swatchy thing I found. But once we got up the first coat, it wasn’t too yellow for the room, so we were pleased.

I didn’t want to just go with a solid color on the walls. I drew up some ideas including polka dots and stripes. LT thought that stripes might look weird, so we planned on a polka dot border. Than I picked some accent colors. We ended up ditching blue entirely, and chose a tan and pale yellow. I had no objections, since yellow is my favorite color, followed by, you guessed it, greens and tans/browns. Plus, we can always give the boy a blue room when he is older.

LT was a master taper. He did all the taping while I pencilled in and measured where the strip of polka dots would go.

While the paint was wet, it actually looked too blue rather than too yellow.

While Kilz guarantees “one-coat coverage,” we practically had to do two coats, with all the touch ups. Maybe it would have worked with one coat if we had put on a super-duper uber thick coat the first time. But since we didn’t particularly want paint running onto our floor, we just did one coat, a ton of touch ups, and a second round of touch ups.

On Monday, I removed the tape stripe and pencilled in the polka dots. Thank goodness I made a stencil.

We got Acrylics for the yellow and tan polka dots. It was a great reminder to me how much I really detest acrylic paints. The green was the wall color. That was easy enough. The tan was *perfect* in color when I put on the first coat, but it needed a second coat for coverage. The second coat was about 300x darker. Think of going from a natural oak color to the color of Hershey’s Chocolate. The second coat of yellow was eye-stabbingly bright, even though I had added white to the paint in the first place.

So after 7 hours of pencilling and painting 1 coat of green polka dots, 3 coats of yellow, and 4 coats of tan, I was finished.


We used an entire roll of tape for the three walls.

Click here for  Nursery Makeover Pt. 2


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