Week 35: Random Postscripts

Things I forgot to mention about the past week:

LT got his eye surgery and is recovering wonderfully! It was nice having him home for a day or two, even if he slept for most of his time off. I spent those two days bracketed between my adorably unconscious husband and a napping furry eunuch, as LT likes to refer to Henry. It’s nice having our whole motley family together. It will be even cuter once Little Champ is out of the womb!

When we got back to the house from the hospital, there was a young family of deer in our front lawn: Mommy, Daddy, and two little babies! It was the cutest, sweetest thing ever. It was also as if it were a sign, reassuring us that our family would be complete soon, even if it weren’t on our timing or the doctor’s timing.

(No, still no baby yet. Yes, still cramping and getting contractions).

On Friday morning, (or was it Saturday?) I was having contractions in bed. I flipped my Bible to Proverbs 3:5-6 and customized it:
Trust in the Lord with all your heart (and womb). Do not lean on your own understanding (about birth). In all your (contractions) acknowledge Him, and he will make your (birth canal?) straight.
LT added the bit about contractions. I am so glad I have a husband who understands me, and humors me.

Last night I was having pretty bad contractions and back pain, and was afraid I might have back labor. It was about 4 in the morning. LT was dead asleep. I was praying through my agony, on my hands and knees and rocking to relieve the pain. While I was praying, I thought I should read Psalm 118. My Bible was in the other room, so I grabbed my iPhone and used my Bible App (Yes, I have one.) It was exactly what I needed to hear, and it was really awesome because this translation kept talking about God as Deliverer. I am not to fear, because God is my strength and my deliverer. He delivers me, and he will deliver this baby!

I finished my birth plan yesterday, and today we are getting some more things to the nursery, so I will be posting both the birth plan and photos of the nursery soon.

(I figure I can overload the blog with posts now, since I might have to go on a posting hiatus while I am, you know, squeezing a child out of my body.)

This is Bewildered Mother (to-be), keeping it real (and hydrated).


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