34 Weeks

After getting barely any sleep last night thanks to the nighttime terrorist known as stomach acid, have been up since 5 am. First I spent 7 hours or so figuring out what cloth diapers to buy (see post). Then I tried to put on my pair of overalls, but they wouldn’t fit over my gigantic midsection. So that was depressing. But I ate some of the homemade, graham-cracker-crust blueberry pie I made this weekend.
Mmmmmmm….blueberry pie! Delectable! Another piece? Why, I don’t mind if I do!

And then I got distracted by this video…and then this video…and then I bought the app…

Anyway, back to this blog which I started like an hour ago (That’s the problem with tabs on internet browsers…they are the death of the ADD-prone).

We got a crib, picked out the color for the nursery, and got 2 dressers—one with a changing table top and one with a bookshelf top. We actually put the changing table one in our bedroom. The one with the attached bookshelf is going to go in the nursery. There is enough room for the baby to be changed, and the bookshelf will be nice to display the baby’s toys. Of course, it is gigantic and will take up the whole wall where I had planned to put my 9 (unpainted as of yet) canvases. I guess that I will just have to paint half of them for the nursery and save the other half for Little Champ’s room when he is a toddler. Oh darn, I will have to paint uber cute forest animals.

My family interrupts this blog to talk on the phone. Mom about the nursery and traveling down here. Teenage brother about his new phone. 5 yr old brother to tell me that he wants his own phone, to quiz me about what my parents house looks like, to tell me about his new Marvel superhero poster, and to tell me about his favorite YouTube video. My brothers and I share the same sense of humor.

Anyway, besides the not sleeping and stomach acid-ness. The pregnancy is going fine. I am still finding clothes to wear, but can’t wear T-shirts anymore as I am roughly the size of Australia. Dresses and loose-fitting clothing it is. How am I going to last another 6 or so weeks, clothed? I wonder that.

On to Little Champ:
He has shed most of his “fur” (lanugo) and he is packing on baby fat.
He’s roughly 18 inches long, the size of an American Girl Doll. Only, he’s a boy.
And he is about 5 pounds, the size of a cantaloupe, catching up to Henry pretty quickly.

Poor baby had hiccups for about 20 minutes the other day. I say “poor” because hiccups really hurt whenever I get them. Hopefully they don’t hurt him.

Hopefully we will get the crib put together and the nursery painted this weekend. Then I will post some photos!

All this lack of sleep and distraction-ing have made me brainless. I forgot to get groceries, so LT is picking up bread on his way home (Did I mention he’s a FIRST lieutenant now? That’s right!). I should at least wash the dishes before he gets here.



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