33 Weeks

The stretch marks have landed.

Thankfully they are still light, and there aren’t very many of them. I have been rubbing on the cocoa butter liberally. But they swirl around my bellybutton in a van Gogh manner.

Oh, Ja! De swirls!

Little Champ is doing well. We may or may not have picked a name for him.

I haven’t decided whether I want my baby’s name on the internet yet. I am not completely paranoid about internet safety, but I don’t particularly want people knowing everything about my family. That’s why my husband is LT (Speaking of, he is getting promoted next week!). I think that with the internet how it is nowadays, privacy is getting harder to come by. Plus, I want to keep my baby safe from creepers. What do you think?

Anyway, he’s doing well, flipping around and such. I can’t be sure, but it seemed that this morning when I woke up, he was feet down, head up. I kneaded my baby bump to turn him around—like turning a steering wheel—and then I felt him kicking up by my ribs again. He may or may not have turned, but it does give me hope that if he is breech at my next appointment, we can hopefully turn him so I won’t need a C-Section.

I particularly like this week’s size comparison by ParentsConnect:

Your baby weighs about 4½ pounds, as much as a grownup duck, and is approximately 17.5 inches long, about the same as a collarbone-length pearl necklace. (Did somebody say push present?)

I like ducks. I like pearls, too. In fact, I could use a string of pearls that size…

Ahem. So yeah, baby’s good. My carpal tunnel hasn’t been acting up so much this week. But of course the heartburn is back, and it is unconquerable, even with the prescription. So I have not been eating as much as I should or could be eating. No, I am not starving. I just have not had much of an appetite.

Add to that today’s happy incident. I was eating a package of fruit gushers and my crown popped off. So my whole mouth tasted like adhesive. Yum. And of course I cannot get through to make a dentist appointment on base (big surprise). But, I brought out my secret weapon.

Ha! I defy you! With…ORAJEL! Take that, you fiend!

So now my tongue is effectively numb on that side of my mouth and therefore cannot taste the nasty cement-like stuff.

LT was gone this week on the field. It’s weird how much I missed him, considering that he was only gone 4 days and we have gone through much longer times of separation, both before and after marriage. Maybe that’s just how it goes. Of course, that is something I really don’t want to think about, considering he will deploy for at least 6 months.

At least I was productive while he was gone. I did a lot of unpacking and organizing—the bedroom and living room look great! And I have been doing a lot to get a new client section of my website up. I even started designing a handful of customizable birth announcements :D

Shameless self promotion: So if you will be looking for a graphic designer to make all your wildest (design-related) dreams come true for ridiculously low prices, stop by SatisFi Design!

For part of the website’s new client section, I held a contest to help choose a mascot. Votes are still coming in, and I have really enjoyed all the doodling and coloring I have been able to do lately.

LT is on his way home. I need to have lunch before the Orajel wears off, and then we are going to see what we can do about this tooth business.



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