Names we will NOT be naming our son.

I am going completely batty trying to figure out a suitable name for Little Champ.

We haven’t made much progress since the 11 February blog, namely (haha) because we have gone back to the drawing board about every time we look at our list.

Behold the names that have not made it.

sigh, I love this name. It has become the name of our kitten, though.

While I think that this, especially paired with our last name, is extremely epic, LT has also given this one a “No,” even after I recently discovered that I am a blood-descendant of Emperor Charlemagne. (He’s apparently my 36th great grandfather, seriously!)
I informed LT that when we finally get a dog, we have to name the puppy Charlemagne, Charley for short. (The doggie can then also have the namesake of Charleton, which has also been removed from the list.)


So sad. I had this one on the list, and then when I was reading about it, someone brought up that he, as a Jonas, was often teased about the Jonas Brothers. How completely depressing and YUCK.

While we both like this name, we have put it aside since it has gained more “lover” connotations than “warrior” ones.

This was the first name I suggested to LT for our love child, as it is the Hebrew word for “ambush.”

Here are some name combinations that we will not be naming our Little Champ, but that we had fun coming up with:

Indiana Willard
John Wayne Willard
Hewitt Packard Willard
Hezekiah Garfunkle Willard
Hezekiah Victory Willard
Uriah Victim Willard

I did make one discovery, that if we had twins I would want to name them Luke and Rory, which I think is basically the cutest name combination EVER.

Plus, zee husband does not particularly like the name “Rory,” so it has been removed from Little Champ’s list. But once he sees how incredibly adorable Luke and Rory sound as sibling names, maybe he will change his mind.


15 thoughts on “Names we will NOT be naming our son.

  1. I had always liked the name Tristan too, but I agree it has more lover connotations. And I don’t like that it’s root word is “triste.” And if a good name is to be desired above riches, I just couldn’t do it. :)

  2. dunno how much LT wants to pass on his own name, but my son’s name is hubbys middle name for sons first, and hubbys’ first name for his middle name… a suitable alternative for junior or the second

  3. Thanks for sending me your blog link! It’s always so exciting try and pick out names. My hubby had some interesting ones picked out…

    Patrick Henry Peter (would so not do Patrick Peter to our kid)
    Ethan Allen Peter (um… furniture store, need I say more? but I do like the Ethan)

    We finally decided on Caleb Joshua, his favorite Bible character and mine. And we do have our first girl name picked out “Samantha Marlene” (we both love Samantha [Sam, Sammy, Sami, etc] and Marlene is a family name) but we’re kind of screwed for all our other kids :/

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