29 weeks

I feel like a dryer. One which someone loaded with a bowling ball and set to “Tumble.”

Little Champ is nearing 3 lbs and is 15″ or more. Henry tipped the scales this morning at 5.4 pounds. meanwhile, I am over 145. I have gained 19 pounds, and only 3 of those are baby. Where’s the rest?

Here’s what my favorite pregnancy website, ParentsConnect, says about my weight gain:

According to our predictor, your pregnancy weight gain should be approximately: 25-35 pounds.
Curious as to where all those pounds go? For a woman of average weight and height with a 30-pound weight gain, here’s the approximate breakdown:
Your Uterus—2 lbs.
Your glorious boobs—2 lbs.
Your increased blood volume—4 lbs.
Body fluid (which you can thank for those swollen ankles)—4 lbs.
Fat and protein (Hey, at least it isn’t all fat!)—7 lbs.
Your Mini
Baby—7.5 lbs.
Placenta—1.5 lbs.
Amniotic Fluids—2 lbs.

That, of course, is at the end of pregnancy. Here’s how I am guessing my weight is distributed thus far:

Uterus—1.5 lbs.
Glorious boobs—Yeah, right. 0 lbs.
Increased blood volume—4 lbs.
Body fluid—5 lbs.
Fat and protein—3 lbs.
Little Champ
Baby—3 lbs.
Placenta—1 lb.
Amniotic Fluids—1.5 lbs.

Little Champ is just as rambunctious as ever, even though moving things and unpacking and cooking have left me exhausted. I don’t have any idea how my friends that are working full-time while pregnant can do it. Some sort of Superwoman aura that settled on them. Meanwhile, if I had any superpowers at all, they would be expunged (isn’t that the greatest word?) by the Kryptonite that is North Carolina humidity. Thank the Lord for air conditioning and my big comfy sofa!

LT and I bought a 40″ flat screen a few days ago. Here’s how you buy a new TV for a good price: you go during an annual sale and buy a floor model that is on clearance. Then I found an entertainment center someone was selling in our area for $30. So for a little over 500 bucks, we got ourselves a brand new TV and a purdy entertainment center. It is quite lovely. And, you know, a slight improvement from the fuzzy screened, 900 lb, 20 inch CRT it is replacing.

We got a desk online, too. Nice, solid wood and $80. Solid wood. So it is gigantic AND super heavy. LT grabbed a neighbor to help him move it in. It didn’t fit through the office door. So my husband spend a good hour or so taking apart the desk (which was pretty difficult due to some stripped screws—he even broke his beloved Leatherman) and putting it back together in the office.

I am so happy I have a handy husband who can take things apart and put them together again without missing pieces. He completely assembled our stroller in about 5 minutes. Glorious man.

Though the garage is mostly organized, the bathroom is organized, the kitchen is mostly filled, and the office has a desk now, we still have quite a bit of work to do before we can be done. First, we’re having a garage+bake sale this weekend to sell old furniture and help some friends raise money to go teach English in Japan. Then there’s the matter of finding me a dresser, since 90% of my clothes are in suitcases or hampers right now. And then there’s the boxes of books and office supplies and papers I have to organize and find places for. Of course, there are also boxes of misc. things that I have to go through.

The baby is coming in about 2 months. I still want to teach myself the ukulele, do some writing, paint and decorate his nursery, and start sewing before he comes. For some odd reason, I feel like that isn’t all going to get done.

At least not today. I’ve got to make a grocery list, call the vet (and actually get through to someone for once), go grocery shopping, be back here by 3 for the washer and dryer to be delivered and installed between 3:45 and 5:45, hope they finish before 5 so I can go to Lamaze at 5:30, and actually go to my first day at Lamaze, hoping my husband can make it, too!

Did I mention I am also potty training our kitten?

If anyone has found my mind, please return it to me, as I have lost it.


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