27 and 28 weeks

Well, I was moving and without internet on my computer for the past two weeks, so I haven’t exactly had time for an update. And now I can barely remember what happened the last two weeks besides moving out, moving in, packing, unpacking, and buying stuff for the new house. So lucky you! You don’t have to read about what I ate for the past 2+ weeks!

At 27 weeks, Little Champ became able to breathe oxygen (he would have needed some medical help if I had delivered him last week, but he would have been able to breathe…so cool!). He was about 2 lbs and 14.5 inches long.

I went to the doctor and got my glucose test, which meant I had to get blood taken, drink something akin to flat orange soda, wait an hour, and get my blood taken again. Did I mention that I freak out about veins? And this time I didn’t have my husband with me to distract me and hold my hand. Then, because I am Rh negative, I got to get a special shot…right in the sitter. That was fun. The nurse instructed me not to clench. Well, that is entirely impossible when someone is sticking a needle in your bum, of that I can assure you.

I am happy to say that this human pin cushion did not cry when she got her blood taken or got injected in the buttocks. At least not until I gave a recap to LT when he took me out for lunch.

27 weeks

LT and I have still been searching for a church to settle into. We didn’t agree with the doctrinal statement of the church where we were about to become members, so we didn’t become members. So now we are looking for some place where we can actually serve. And let me tell you, there are few things worse than “church shopping.” There are so many churches here, and that really doesn’t help. We think we have got it narrowed down to 2, but since we have visited each of those only once, we haven’t actually decided which one we might go with.

The only 2 girlfriends I had made since moving here in January both moved away recently. I did make another friend recently, from the apartment complex (from whence LT and I just moved away). And not having a church family and not knowing really anyone else in town, I was feeling pretty lonely for the first time when I was packing up the apartment. Of course, I know LT’s friends, but they are all men, and I realized my need for some mutual estrogen…for the first time ever.

Speaking of being lonely, today is the fourth of July and LT has duty, so I have no one to go see fireworks or grill or eat with because everyone we know is out of town. We were going to have a party tomorrow at our new house tomorrow, since the whole base has the day off, but instead we are going to just have to entertain ourselves. Probably by setting up our new big screen TV. (P.S. the way to get a TV is to buy the floor models, on clearance, during a sale. We got a new 42″ for a ridiculously low price. They had bigger ones for sale, too, but we thought a 42″ was plenty big!)

Back to pregnancy, apparently the water retention can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, which I had the “privilege” of discovering last week—when I woke up with excruciating pain shooting from my fingers to my elbow. It figures that after I get medicine to take care of the heartburn that was keeping me up, I was awake at all hours of the night with numb fingers and a painful wrist. Thankfully, after trying two other types of braces and an Ace bandage, I found a brace that actually worked. It’s black instead of the “nude” colored ones that are a sickly yellowish, deerskin-inspired, and completely obviously not discreet. LT agrees that mine is quite hard core. It’s pretty sexy, no lie.

28 weeks marks my first week of my third trimester! Little Champ is 2 1/4 pounds, nearly 15 inches head to toe, and can blink those baby blues (or greens). His irises do have color now (when I told LT a few weeks ago about the baby not having color in his irises yet, he was a little freaked out by the alien-like quality of white eyes)—but his eye color won’t “set” until he is about 9 months old. He will probably be born with blue eyes, since most babies are born with blue or brown, but we will just have to wait to see if he has bluish eyes with gold specks like mine, or celadon green like his daddy’s.

Little Champ is pretty active, kicking me in all sorts of places and even head-butting me from time to time (he gets that from LT). He likes to tickle me. He hates being squished, and lets me know by punching Dad if LT holds me too close when we are cuddling on the couch. A few days ago, I was lying on my side, and when I rolled over to my back, I was lop-sided. There was a huge bulge sticking out my right side, which is apparently where Little Champ had migrated so he would have some more room.

What on earth will this baby do in two months when he can’t do somersaults and twist around as much? Are we going to have to buy him a king-sized bed when he is kindergarten?

Anyway, we love our new house. Henry (our kitty) is entirely happy with our new sectional sofa. It is the mountain, and he is the grey leopard climbing all over it and hiding in pillow caves. The little furry one is highly entertaining and completely spastic. We have fun watching him go psychotic doing his “monster attack”—he stands on his back legs and spreads his front ones out to scare you, like a little angry bear. Then he jumps on his rear legs in various directions. Oh, how I wish we could capture this on film. He is SUPER cuddly between lunch and dinner, but from dinner to breakfast to lunch, he is on crazy attack mode and scampers around the house, pouncing on things which are often invisible.

Who needs cable when you have a kitten? Here’s a picture of him sleeping on my head.


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