25 weeks…and a kitten?

So, last weekend we found a kitten. Well, I did. LT and I were sitting on the couch Saturday morning talking when I heard a little howl. “Is that a kitten?” Then, sure enough, the little pathetic mewing of a kitten was to be heard. I went out on our balcony and could tell it was coming from the bushes by the first floor apartments. I thought it might be stuck in the bush, so I announced I was going to help it.

Thankfully I added another couple articles of clothing, so I wasn’t gallivanting around in my skivvies outside.

I came to the bushes and here was an adorable little grey kitty, who was not stuck at all in the branches, but was still mewing. It came right to me. Nobody else was in sight, and the kitten followed me out of the bush and to the stairway. He didn’t quite get the concept of stairs, though, and tried to scale the banister, so I helped him out. I opened our apartment door and LT was standing in the kitchen. There was a kitten standing in the doorway of his apartment. In a momentary relapse of his Marine Corps toughness, he totally went “awwww.”

Taking that as an invitation, the kitty trotted in, going to see this new person. We didn’t have any cat food, so we gave him some milk.

Apparently you are NEVER SUPPOSED TO GIVE A CAT MILK; THEY ARE LACTOSE INTOLERANT. Or so I read later that day on a kitty discussion board.

Whatever. The cat was starving. And he isn’t lactose intolerant. So THERE.

LT and I had plenty of errands to run that day. But now we had this cute little fuzzball under our care. We made signs looking for his owner and put them up around the apartments.

I went out and got some food, litter, and a litter box since we didn’t know how long he’d be with us. LT stayed home with the kitten. I got home and the kitten was snuggled up next to my Marine on the couch. If that isn’t ridiculously adorable, I don’t know what is.

Long story shorter, a handful of kittens were found the same day. Looks like someone dumped them on the side of the road. So if we ever did find the owner, I would not be giving him or her the kitten. I’d be giving him or her a swift kick to the patootie.

I looked online to see if anyone would want a kitten, since we weren’t going to have pets for a while. I counted 128 kittens or cats posted—just online for our area—in the past 2 weeks that needed homes. 128? Seriously? In 14 days? Fix your freaking cats, people! Or at least take care of the kittens. My word.

Anyway, we’re keeping the little guy. He is vaccinated and fixed, and he has scared me half to death a handful of times in the past six days. (Summary: he licked himself too much after surgery and bled all over the bathroom when I left him alone for 15 minutes. He sleeps harder than LT—nothing wakes him up, and he looks dead. The vet gave me 4x the recommended flea treatment for a kitten his size. Yes, he had fleas. I have turned this apartment upside down vacuuming and washing everything in hot water. Twice.)

But he’s a joy, and we are thinking he will be a nice little addition to our new home.

Did I mention we are signing the papers today? Squee!

We have yet to name the kitty. I have a list of names (including Mister Bingley, Kenobi, and Kit Fisto), but since LT was gone most of the week, we haven’t decided on one yet.

As for our baby, we are at a dead end with names. We just can’t seem to find the right one.

Speaking of my neglected child…(no, I haven’t been neglecting him. But the kitten has taken up nearly all my thoughts lately, considering all we’ve been through the last 6 days)

Little Champ is about a pound and a half and 13.5 inches head to toe, the length of those plastic recorders you play “Hot Cross Buns” on.

He’s been poking me quite a bit. He tickled me in church, and it took every ounce of me to burst out laughing while Pastor was talking about something very serious and theological.

While the experts at ParentsConnect say that the baby can’t feel it when you poke your belly, I’m pretty sure this little one can feel when I rub my bump, because he reacts. We have tickle attacks from time to time, and LT gets a kick out of giving me raspberries to jostle the baby a bit.

So now I am really outnumbered. Though LT would probably say that the kitten doesn’t count anymore, since I rid him of his manhood. Either way, I am already enjoying being the lady in a house of boys.


3 thoughts on “25 weeks…and a kitten?

  1. I vote Mister Bingley for the cat’s name.

    I vote Flip for your child’s name (but only if he is born on my birthday). :P

    Otherwise, I vote Dante, Llew, or Calvin (The latter speaks for itself).

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