24 Weeks

Little Champ is over a pound and I can’t see my toes.

Unless I lean over. And, of course, my toe nail polish has a major chip in it. So today I am going to attempt to reach my feet and remove this nail polish and put on a different hue, which I had better not mind having on my feet for the next 3-4 months, since there is 2% chance that LT will paint my toes for me. And that 2% includes his wearing his gas mask and applying the nail polish outside in torrential winds.

Still, I can’t complain. Only gloat, in fact, since I just got back from a wonderfully relaxing, extended weekend in Virginia. LT’s brother is in the Navy and has a beach-front condo. He and his roommate are both deployed, and they left keys for us. Basically it was a free hotel suite.

LT took me sailing. He got certified last year and has been keeping it a secret so he could surprise me. I didn’t bring my camera, figuring I would drop it into the water, but here’s a picture of the kind of sailboat we took out:

Ours didn't have a motor. We were legitimately sailing.

Hmmm…what else did we do. Watched movies on their ginormous TV, played some video games (including Wii boxing, which was an adventure in itself), went to the Zoo, went to the beach, played Bananagrams, etc. etc.

There was no A/C, so we got creative with fan placement and cross-drafts. At one point I lay down in the front hallway where the wind surged over me from the front door, past the kitchen, and out the balcony.

Also I experienced my first episodes of swelling. My feet didn’t look that huge (though LT did at one point exclaim, lovingly, “Your feet ARE getting fat!”), but I felt like I was wearing slippers made out of ham. Before we went to the zoo, we had to go to Walmart so I could get some sandals that would fit. I usually wear a 5-6. The puppies I got were size 8, and the only color they had in that size was metallic silver with a hot pink base. I was at the height of sophistication waddling around the zoo, I can assure you.

I think my favorite parts of that day were seeing the cutest baby giraffe ever, buying Little Champ his first stuffed animal, covering LT with half a dozen stuffed animals in the store while we made our decision (he looked like the bird lady from Home Alone 2, but instead of pigeons, he had elephants, giraffes, and tigers perched on him), and getting chased by LT at the beach.

He scared the sand out of me. Here I was, about 30 meters into the water, and he was on the beach. I turned around, and when I looked back at him, he was charging at me, speeding through the water like lightning. There was no escape. I made it maybe 5 feet before he grabbed me from behind. It was like I married the Flash. Seriously, who can run that fast in water? I was impressed. But probably not as impressed as he was by my mermaid impression, which was simultaneously floundering and impeccable.

Anyway, we had an absolutely lovely time. Mum and dad finally got a little vacation, and Little Champ got a new friend out of it.

Little Champ and his new friend

about 24 weeks


2 thoughts on “24 Weeks

  1. Congratulations on the pregnancy! If it’s any consolation, my wife can’t do up her shoes!

    You may enjoy my pregnancy if you’d like to see how your partner might be feeling during this time!

    All the best,


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