As of today [May 19], I officially have another man in my life. I take care of his home, feed him, am with him 24/7, and love him unconditionally. He’s 1 lb, 10″ tall, has light hair and eyes, and he is yet to be named. He’s my son! :D

At last week’s ultrasound, we got a peek at our baby, and Little Champ is officially a boy!

evidence (and potential blackmail material)

We got a look at his boy parts, but not of his face, sadly, so we just got copies of this angle. I can honestly say that I never expected to have a picture of a penis on my fridge. Then again, I am sure many things will catch me off guard with this little guy.

My mom asked me if it feels more real to me now, the pregnancy and everything. And it does. I can start to imagine more about our baby, now that we know he’s a boy. I can picture him dressed up like a superhero, getting excited about air shows, playing cars and Legos with his dad. (Of course, I did all of those things as a little girl, too. But I don’t think we will be buying ballerina outfits and Barbies this time around.) And I am really excited that our other kids will have a big brother to look out for them and keep an eye on them. And get them into trouble every once in a while.

Some people teased me about finding out the baby’s sex before he was born, like it was peeking at your present before Christmas. But with an unexpected pregnancy, it is nice to be able to expect something. And while I do like surprises, I think that knowing that Little Champ is a boy really helps us bond with him even before he is born. It helps us get into a less ambiguous mindset about parenting, too.

After the ultrasound, I kept myself busy finishing up one of my online classes. My matron of honor and her husband stayed with us for the weekend, and we had a good time with them.

I still have one more online class to finish before I am legitimately graduated, so I am working on that this week and the next. I won’t be working on it this weekend, though, because LT and I are going to Virginia to spend Memorial Day up there, Friday-Monday. We are staying at his brother’s beach-front condo, and since he and his roommate are out at sea, it will be a relaxing weekend for two (point five).

Family photo @ 23 weeks (with Little Champ's 14 week ultrasound)

Things have pretty much been continuing as usual.

Yesterday I started crying in the greeting card aisle at Target because I was getting a birthday card for my husband. Of course, I picked the sappiest one.

The rhinoceroses upstairs hadn’t been giving us any trouble lately, until this morning when they decided that it was imperative to do a couple loads of laundry at 2 am. I woke up to the entire apartment shaking, and everything in our closet rattling. I thought that the building was going to explode, until I realized that our lovely neighbors don’t mind an unbalanced washer and dryer. They bouldered on for about half an hour, but of course LT was sleeping peacefully. He did inform me that he had some crazy dreams about battles in space, and on land, and that the washer/dryer ruckus may have been of some credit.

Today I tried to use the “unlock” button on our keychain for our front door. Twice.

It could be my imagination, but I think Little Champ recognizes daddy’s voice already. He kicks whenever LT comes into the room and starts talking. So cute!

LT still can’t feel the baby kicking. It could take a few weeks for other people to be able to feel it, but it does surprise me, especially since two nights ago the baby kicked me so hard, it felt like I actually rose about an inch off of the bed. (Apparently he didn’t want to sleep on that side.) I am just afraid that by the time I am 8 or 9 months, the baby will kick my husband out of bed. Or that he will launch me into a spin. Yesterday he pulled some Saturday Night Fever moves, kicking me on one side and punching me on the opposite side. I am not sure whether we have bred the next Chuck Norris or the next Michael Flatley

23 Weeks

Little Champ weighs little over a pound now and is 11-11.5 inches long, the length and weight of a Harry Potter book (ha!). He will double in size in the next four weeks.

He can even feel me dance, which is sweet, since my bff and I had a dance party when she came last weekend. And because I have a ridiculously awesome taste in music.

Hmm…that’s all for now. I need to crank up the tunes and take this baby for a ride…as I clean the apartment. Toodles!


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