Today I learned that watching Agatha Christie movies directly before bed is not good, because apparently it makes me go crazy. And not even paranoid…crazy. I woke up perhaps every hour not knowing what was going on. Confusion between dream world / reality continued throughout the morning. I was sort of asleep-awake for the whole night. When LT was getting dressed, I perhaps made him worry about my sanity even more than usual.

Me, eyes still closed, head buried in pillow: Do you want mushrooms?
LT: Uh…no?
Me: Did I say what I was thinking before I said that?
LT: Nope. I thought we were being hobbits or something.
Me: I can’t even remember my train of thought before asking that.
(a few seconds later)
Me: I think I was thinking about dinner tonight, and the recipe was supposed to have mushrooms, but we didn’t get mushrooms because I figured we didn’t want any, but then I was wondering if you wanted to put mushrooms in the dinner.
LT, now from another room: No, I don’t want mushrooms.

Of course I knew he didn’t want mushrooms. He hates mushrooms. That’s why we didn’t buy any. But apparently in my hallucinogenic dream state, my husband wants mushrooms.

Then this morning, apparently I dreamt that someone was saying from my phone, “Are we done?” as though I had been talking on the phone and fell asleep in the middle of the conversation. So of course (and this is real life now) I grabbed my phone, frantically saying, “Hello? Yes. Sorry. Hello?” The phone was off, and I am a lunatic.

Anyway, a super brief update on the last 2 weeks of development, since I need to get ready for my ultrasound!!!!!

21 weeks

Baby is three-quarters of a pound and about 10.5 inches head to toe.
Baby had eyebrows and eyelids!
Little Champ’s heartbeat is getting stronger, and if we had a stethoscope, we’d be able to hear it.
Hair is growing. (Our Little Champ will likely have super light hair, since LT is a dark blond and I was platinum blonde before my hair darkened into brown)
Little Champ’s intestines are developed enough to digest amniotic fluid. Yummy…

Our baby graduated from college at 21 weeks.

22 weeks

This week your mini is about as long as a package of Oreos and as heavy as a large bag of tortilla chips. —ParentsConnect

Baby is nearly one pound (15 oz) and about 11 inches head to toe.
Baby’s eyes are forming, but the irises are not colored yet. (We’re thinking this one will have either blue or green eyes, like mommy and daddy)
Baby’s hands are bigger and the nerve endings in them are developed, so Little Champ might be touching his/her face or umbilical cord for practice.

Yikes! It’s time for me to go! We are hoping that, just for today, Little Champ will be entirely immodest so we can find out if he/she is a he or she!


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