Thoughts on Thoughtlessness

I have reached that strange point in my pregnancy when I don’t particularly feel pregnant, I just feel like a fat version of my normal self. No nausea or fatigue which beleaguered me during the first trimester, and no baby kicks yet.

But then I nearly start the apartment on fire, and am reminded that I something is definitely affecting me.

Me: It smells like something is burning.

LT (gets up and goes to the stove, where dinner is cooking): That’s because you turned on the wrong burner.

(He walks out to the balcony, holding a blackened version of one of our nicest pot holders. He puts it outside): I am just going to let this air out.

(The bewildered mother guiltily smiles a “My Bad”:) Heh heh. Whoops.

That happened a couple of days ago. I forgot (imagine that, a pregnant woman forgetting something!) to mention it earlier.

Yesterday I spotted the black pot holder and mourned for it, since it was one of our nice, expensive-like pot holders.

Why do people even buy nice things for newlyweds? People should give the good gifts to a couple once they’ve been married 10 years.

  1. The couple might not accidentally start things on fire ruin everything anymore (granted, this might be null if they have children).
  2. They might have room for it all then.
  3. In ten years, they might actually know how to use that dinglehopper you got them.
  4. If they didn’t get a divorce after 10 years, they should be congratulated that they have taken their vows seriously.

That being said, please don’t take away our juicer or bookshelf or table!

I’ll try really, really hard not to set any more wedding gifts on fire. Promise.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thoughtlessness

  1. ah… momnesia….it’s a real thing. wanna know why? you are pumping an extra third of your usual blood through your veins to satisfy baby, but pretty much all the oxygen is going to baby, and not your brain… other things to look forward to.. loss of coordination as all the liquid from ur joints and ligaments start to head toward ur womb too. there were days where i just couldn’t even open a ketchup bottle.

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