Phew! It has been quite a while since this blog has seen the light of day. On my computer, that is.

So…two weeks, huh? Well, get ready for a race through them, because most of it has been spent toiling at a children’s book I am writing and illustrating. That and the whole I-am-graduating-in-only-a-couple-of-weeks-and-have-way-too-much-work-to-do-before-then fiasco that is my current life.

But before I get into the past 2 weeks, here’s the picture I promised from week 15!

15 week baby bump

There you go. All right, shall we?

Week 17:

5 inches, 5 oz (as big as a turnip—baby center, or as big as a baked potato—Parents connect)

cartilage hardening into bone

sweat glands!

sucking and swallowing

fingernails and toenails

(Baby Center is a good website for resources, but honestly, its information on the developing baby is below par. Week 17’s update goes on and on and on about wearing seat belts and pregnancy dreams and other things which I read about a billion years ago on Parents Connect. Parents Connect has better visuals, more information, and more entertainment.)

About this time, I went to a costume party and dressed up like Juno. The incriminating evidence:

Ahem. Week 18!

5 1/2 inches, 5-7 oz (Bell pepper—BC, Deli pickle—PC)

Quickening, or being able to feel the baby’s movements. Unfortunately, though some movements may have been Little Champ, it’s been hard to rule out indigestion each time. Oh, the digestive wonders of a pregnant woman!

Baby’s nerves are making connections, senses are developing

Little Champ can hear noises now! Which is awesome, considering mommy has an amazing taste in music. Never too early to introduce the baby to some good tunes!

Er… I guess that’s it for now. I will be sure to update once we feel the unmistakable kicks! In the meantime, I need to get back to work.

Baby bump at 18 weeks


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