13 weeks

Well, this past week has been a bit of a doozy. To sum up:

Monday: Pizza + prenatal vitamins + brushing teeth = vomiting over the side of the bed (in to a trash can, fortunately), which resulted in burst blood vessels all over my face.

Tuesday: My face is still covered with red spots and I resemble Charlize Theron as she appears in Monster. I have never in my life felt so ugly.

Wednesday: I go to water the beautiful plants LT got me over the weekend, and as I part the mums to pour the water in, the biggest section of blossoms snaps off. The plant now has a bald spot. My friend Heather picks me up to go to her ultrasound with her and then to her baby shower. After her ultrasound, they tell her she isn’t going anywhere, and that she is being induced NOW. LT picks me up later that afternoon to feed me and bring me home.

Thursday: Heather has her baby at 8:23 am, and texts me a picture (he’s so cute!). Meanwhile, I am wishing complete annihilation upon the birds that keep waking me up every morning by coming into our upstairs neighbor’s dryer vent and scratching and screeching to their heart’s content, right above my head. Sometimes the flying little imps decide to mimic car alarms in the middle of the night, or just before the sun comes up. LT is thankful that I do not have easy access to any ammunition.

Friday: Today! As I write, there is incessant squawking and honking outside my window, coming from a singular bird who is smart enough to remain out of my line of sight. Sun is filtering through the newly blossoming pear trees and falling onto our balcony, where I have placed my now pathetic potted flowers. The neighboring fire station just released a fire engine, its loud sirens muffled by distance as it speeds away. The sky is blue, two mothers are pushing strollers down the sidewalk, and I am going to kill that squawking bird.

The screen door is thrown open. The crow is seen. It is in a pine tree across the driveway. He is stung by the laser-like glare of a pregnant woman with her arms on her hips, who in her husband’s black sweatshirt appears to be a very large, very perturbed crow that might eat his young if he doesn’t scram, and pronto. The squawking ceases. A fluttering retreat. The woman retires into her dark apartment. As soon as she sits down, a chattering rebuke comes from her balcony. The woman stands up, heads for the sliding door. A small brown bird quickly flees. A car drives by. There is a man staring down at his cell phone as he walks down the street. Far off, in the trees across the way, there are birds singing and chirping at each other, gossiping about the newest stocks of seeds and nuts, wondering about those big yellow apartment buildings by the pear trees.

Today I start my 13th week. That is, my 11th week with baby incubating inside of me. Little Champ is as big as a Nutter Butter, about 3 inches long and 20 grams. And our little bundle of joy can clench his/her fists and suck his/her thumb! And Little Champ’s vocal chords are all ready for the crying and screaming we get to hear in about 6 months.

Apparently that’s about it for development, other than that the kid’s intestines are actually inside the baby now (as opposed to the umbilical cord).

Next weekend LT is taking me to a ball (woohoo!) and this weekend we might go shopping for some maternity clothes and perhaps a gown for the ball (yay!). Though I still fit into the dress I wore at a banquet in ’08 and the gown I wore at our first Marine Corps Ball in November ’08 (Victory!). Plus, I decided I want to make lasagna tomorrow, so we need to get all those ingredients (yippee lasagna!).

And in about 10 days, we get to finally see and hear our baby. I am soooo excited, I can’t wait! Then my mom comes, and she and I are going to drive up to MN, where I will be for 2 weeks. I am not terribly excited to be away from LT for that long, but it will be jolly to see my friends again!

Now to catch up on all the work I “misplaced” this week with all the crazy goings on. It is going to be a long weekend…


One thought on “13 weeks

  1. You’re coming to MN? Very cool. I hope everything is going well. Also, I find a 12 gauge with some birdshot the best thing for pesky birds that keep waking me up. ;)

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