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On my most recent post, a friend of mine brought up a book called “On Becoming Babywise,” which got me thinking about different parenting styles. You can read about the book here.

There are shelves upon shelves of books on different parenting styles, and honestly, I am not buying one of them. At least not anytime soon.

See, as I have mentioned before, I have discovered, which may not have as great of a baby calendar as, but is an invaluable resource for Baby-raising. The website has an amazing compilation of articles which examine other resources and put them all together. Take, for example, the section on Sleep-training babies. This section refers to any sleep method I have heard of, and it introduced me to more. The website also is great about demystifying breastfeeding and different parenting methods.

For what Baby Center has to say about the different methods and studies on Baby Sleep and Feeding Schedules, you might want to start out here.

Basically, I am in the river between the two shores of attachment parenting (baby-led) and parent-led parenting. In practical terms, it means that I am going to carry the kid around in a Moby Wrap, close to my body for a good portion of the day, but I am not letting the baby sleep in bed with my husband and me. I will set a general schedule, but have flexibility and take cues from the baby. This way, I hope to give the baby the ability to develop a very close and loving relationship with my husband and me, knowledge that we as parents are the authority but are not tyrannical, and independence that does not turn into constant defiance.

Still, it might be wise to ask me what I think again in a few years, when we are onto our second baby.

If you are a parent familiar with any of these methods, I of course would be very interested in your opinion of what works or what doesn’t work! Simply leave a comment, and if it is not inappropriate, I will post it so that the whole world my readers will benefit from your opinions.


2 thoughts on “Parenting Styles and

  1. I know you are going to be an amzing mommy…I just wish you were closer so we could see it all happening in person ;-)….my best 4 tips for kid raising are:

    1. Live out your faith everyday
    2. Love your husband and let your kids see it ( well you know what I mean…not all of it ;-))
    3. Be the parent….not the friend
    4. Laugh lots

  2. with both my kids, i kind of let them lead the way. baby 1 (a boy) slept in our bed until 3 or 4 mo old. not only was it comforting to him and i, it made breastfeeding a heck of a lot easier. on the other hand, with baby 2 (a girl) she nearly refused to sleep in the same bed as us. I rocked baby 1 to sleep until i found out i was prego w/ b2. B2 prefers to be put in her bassinet wide awake. I do monitor both schedules fairly closely, but each week it changes with activities, growth spurts, or colds. We already have timeout for our 1 year old, which is one of the greatest parenting tools.
    I guess on of the biggest things that helped me figure it all out was to analyze my own childhood and figuring out what my parents did well, and not so good. I also found a couple really good mom friends that i could call and ask about anything.
    Good Luck… mommy intuition will kick in, and u will be a great mom. It’s not as complicated as they say! LOL>>> sleep deprivation just makes it seem that way!

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