12 Weeks

Little Champ has reflexes this week! And is about the size of a pinky finger or Vienna sausage. Baby is on the move, though I won’t be able to feel any movements for a few weeks yet. Still, I am hoping we get to see some movement in the ultrasound in a couple weeks!

The Lieutenant and I went to a new parenting class yesterday. The poor man was bored out of his mind, but I can’t blame him. Twoish hours of filling out paperwork and, as my Marine would put it, “death by powerpoint.”


The presenter of the class, who talked about health, exercise, portion control, etc. was dangerously obese. Not that being overweight is a terrible thing in itself, but obesity did do something to her credibility. I had to keep making excuses for her in my head to try to take her seriously :/

Nearly every other couple in the class had been trying to conceive for a year or so or had been told that they couldn’t get pregnant. Even the couple in the back who looked like teenagers (seriously, the girl looked 17 tops), had been trying for a year. And here we are, getting pregnant right away without even trying. I definitely got some looks that could break my heart. I know plenty of people that want to get pregnant that aren’t. I I am in no way trying to flaunt my pregnancy as some sort of prize. I can’t help it that I am as fertile as a jack rabbit! It really hurts when people become embittered towards me :(

Anyway, on the brighter side, my favorite part of the class was  seeing the models of the in-utero babies during 10, 15, and 20 weeks of development. Of course I had seen illustrations of the babies at different stages, but holding them in your hand is such a different experience. It was crazy to hold the 20 week model and think that that is how big our baby will be when I graduate from college! It was a bit awkward that they were all in plastic bags… And the fact that they were a little squishy was perhaps slightly too realistic for some.  LT passed the bags along pretty quickly, though he was surprised at how heavy the 20 week baby was. His expression, though brief, was entirely priceless and adorable.

That’s right, LT. You keep your game face on. I know how cute you thought those babies were, you stoic man.

This is a model of how big our baby is right now!

I did actually learn something, though most of the class was a review of what I had been reading in the weekly updates from Parents Connect and Baby Center. Anyway, I learned that first time mothers usually give birth at 42 weeks rather than 40 weeks. If that is the case, we will probably be having an October Baby (though probably earlier than 10/10/10, which is a bit of a bummer, because that would be an awesome birthday!)

LT and I were going to go to the beach later, because it was sunny and 70 degrees, but after the class, it was rainy and overcast. So we went to a yummy diner, and then we looked at base housing, trespassing into the neighborhoods that we would be eligible to live in. LT is putting us on the waiting list, so hopefully this summer (after our lease at the apt. is through), we will have an adorable little newlywed house! If not, we will still move, because we need a bigger place. 2-3 Bedrooms would be perfect.

A possible house: Isn't it the cutest? <3

It’s raining again, which is not conducive to my studying. I am already behind from the schedule I set up this week. In my defense, I have been more Facebook disciplined and I haven’t watched any TV or movies during studying time. Plus I did actually do really boring homework yesterday, even though I was sick again. I just didn’t do enough. It looks like this weekend I will have to supplement my fun homework with some more non-fun homework.

P.S. This is super adorable! Click on the image below to see the Goldfish Guide to Raising Optimistic Kids


2 thoughts on “12 Weeks

  1. Have you heard of the book _On Becoming Baby Wise_? I was at a baby shower recently and it was really talked up. I think I’ll buy a copy when I get pregnant. :)

    • Hmmmm… This seems similar to the different approaches to “training” a baby how to sleep, only this mostly applies to feeding your baby. I did a quick Google search of it, and I found this link.

      I am a little hesitant because it seems to urge formula feedings if there are any “problems,” whereas I know that breastfeeding is always the healthiest for the baby (it is also the cheapest!). I will have to look more into it.

      I would suggest instead of buying the book, maybe checking it out at the library. Still, I would avoid it all together and use BabyCenter.com, which is an invaluable resource for Baby-raising. The website has an amazing compilation of articles which examine other resources and put them all together. Take, for example, the section on Sleep-training babies. This section refers to any sleep method I have heard of, and it introduced me to more. The website also is great about demystifying breastfeeding and different parenting methods.

      For what Baby Center has to say about the different methods and studies on Baby Sleep and Feeding Schedules, you might want to start out here.

      Basically, I am in the river between the two shores of attachment parenting (baby-led) and parent-led parenting. In practical terms, it means that I am going to carry the kid around in a Moby Wrap, close to my body for a good portion of the day, but I am not letting the baby sleep in bed with my husband and me. I will set a general schedule, but have flexibility and take cues from the baby. This way, I hope to give the baby the ability to develop a very close and loving relationship with my husband and me, knowledge that we as parents are the authority but are not tyrannical, and independence that does not turn into constant defiance.

      Still, it might be wise to ask me what I think again in a few years, when we are onto our second baby.

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