Update! Deployment, Ultrasounds, Picnics

Friday we found out that LT is not going to Haiti on March 8th (That would be yesterday), and that he has been put on standby until the Secretary of Defense decides what to do with him. In other words, we have no idea when he is going to Haiti or if he is going to Haiti. We are just praying that he doesn’t end up leaving a month before I pop, leaving me alone to deliver this baby and take care of him/her for the first few months. That would be unfortunate. In the meantime, we are enjoying the prospects of more time together!

Saturday we went on an excursion to Wilmington, NC. It is gorgeous there, and the weather was a delight! And I got to take Sherlock, my new(ish) Nikon D60 out for a spin, since I have been neglecting him basically since I bought him last fall. So, of course, I took tons of photos. I will try posting them on my Deviant Art Page soon… like… in a couple days. Or next week.

Then Sunday was another glorious day. After church, we went home, LT made bacon for turkey bacon sandwiches, and we got a picnic together, complete with the sandwiches (he made turkey bacon wraps for himself), grapes, Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips, root beer, carrots, even some hummus for LT. We put it all in my camera bag, which is ginormous, grabbed our brand new tripod, my camera, and our wedding quilt and journeyed to the park.

There we took the photos that would become our visual pregnancy announcements, like this one:

I know my husband is dreamy. You don't have to tell me :P

The pictures turned out to be quite satisfying. I will post some others once we have the ultrasound photos.

Speaking of ultrasounds, I finally got an appointment! It was going to be on the 24th, but after I was reminded that LT will be on the field during the daytimes of that week, I got it rescheduled for the 29th. So, as long as Mr. Gates doesn’t ship my husband off in the next couple of weeks, he will be at the ultrasound! Woot woot!

I made the appointment yesterday, which was also the day I woke up feeling like death. I was crying and whimpering in bed while LT was getting ready for work because I got no sleep the night before and I just felt so gross. After some sweetness on my husband’s part (he snuggled with me and kissed me on my big baby forehead and tucked me in), I was able to get some sleep. Still, the whole day I was totally out of it. Besides matching our favorite baby names with good-sounding middle names, I did nothing all day. I couldn’t even wash the poor man’s dishes. Seriously, my husband deserves a gold medal for yesterday, while I was a bump on the log which is our futon.

Last night I slept pretty well, having the incredibly vivid dreams that are totally normal to have during pregnancy, but are absolutely anything but normal in content. All I can remember is that Angelina Jolie and I were on the run from the police because of reckless driving and perhaps some criminal mischief. I think I can blame watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith on that one, since I really do not like Angelina Jolie very much (definitely not enough to be her partner in crime), and LT and I watched the movie last night.

Today, I am feeling pretty good. I got out of bed at a reasonable hour (8:30) after going back to sleep once LT left for work (6:00), put on my sweatshirt, sweatpants, and LT’s wool socks, and decided to have breakfast on the balcony, which happened to be sun-kissed. I sat out there for about a minute before coming inside and changing into a tank top and skirt. What a perfect morning!

Then I commenced to figure out how on earth I will finish my 16+ credits of classwork in the next 9 weeks, since I am only up-to-date on one class and have barely started two of them.

It actually looks doable, so long as I spend 6 hours a day studying instead of being on facebook that whole time. As of yet, I am not doing terribly well. However, I did “announce” the pregnancy on facebook today, so I at least have a sliver of an excuse. Tomorrow I will be a better student. So long as the sun is shining and I abstain from FB for a few hours.

Until then, I have some housewiving to do.

(The apartment still smells like bacon.)


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