11 Weeks

Still no ultrasound yet, but hopefully we can make the appointment soon!

LT is on standby, so he is not leaving on Monday. In other words, he might actually be able to go to the ultrasound!

Little Champ’s vital organs are completely formed, and the baby is fully (fe)male now. Plus, our little guy/girl is already on the move, twisting and moving his or her tiny arms and legs. And Little Champ is 2 inches long, as big as a sugar packet. Or, according to BabyCenter’s weird food scale, baby is as big as a fig!

Last week, baby was as big as a kumquat. LT and I had a bet on what a kumquat looked like. We were both ridiculously wrong. But we aren’t as ridiculous as that food scale, which goes from an English hothouse cucumber (26 weeks) to a head of cauliflower (27). Or from a Swiss Chard (37) to a leek (38) to a mini-watermelon (39). Tell me that isn’t a preposterous scale change. LT proceeded to declare that the scale should go by volume, not by length. No baby does or will resemble a Swiss Chard. Not ours, anyway.

I am hoping that next week I can post our baby’s first photo! Still keeping our fingers crossed about that, though. The longer we wait, the clearer the image will be, but the longer we wait, the less of a chance LT will be there to experience the baby’s heartbeat and in-womb dancing!

Speaking of dancing, when LT got home, he wanted to play Halo (which is why I am able to post later than I usually do). So I decided to play “Halo” by Beyonce. A spontaneous and hilarious dance party commenced with LT and I. It was epic. More epic, than say, the dance scenes in Hitch.

Yeah. Totally more epic.


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