Week 10—hysterics

Your Pregnancy: Week 10
The roller coaster of nausea may almost be over, but the roller coaster of emotions (happy, sad, crying, mad; and that’s all in the last 30 seconds) is just revving up. No one will understand why Friends reruns are making you cry, so don’t bother trying to explain it.

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SO, so very true. Lieutenant was gone last week on the field, so I found myself watching reruns of As Time Goes By. What a delightful show. And of course, since it is a romance about two middle-aged people who fell in love when he was a 21 yr old Lieutenant and she was a 19 yr old nurse. Now, I am not a nurse, but LT and I met when he was 21 and I was 19, and seeing these two middle-aged former lovers reunite and reignite their love for each other definitely made me all mushy inside. I cried because I was so happy I would be able to grow old with my husband.

Then I watched Father of the Bride II, and teared up, and almost completely lost it during An American Tail when Fievel found his father. I actually had to look away from the screen to keep my composure.

But of course the real waterworks came yesterday, when I tried to make my first OB/GYN appointment so that LT could hear and/or see our baby before he deploys in 10 days to Haiti. (Side note: He was supposed to go to Afghanistan and get back 6 months later, after the baby was born. Plans changed, he’s going to Haiti, and he will be back for most of my third trimester. Thank you, Lord!)

Anyway, long story short, with our insurance upgrading at the beginning of March (Monday), we will have to start all over with our paperwork, which means it will probably be 3 weeks before anyone can see me. In other words, I will have my first ultrasound alone and the only confirmation LT will have of our pregnancy will be my blimp of a body at 7 months, when he returns. No heartbeat to hear, no ultrasound to see, not for Daddy. He will also miss the midterm ultrasound and the first kicks and hiccups.

Needless to say, I was hysterical. I tried comforting myself with knowing that he will be home for at least some of the third trimester, not to mention the birth, which is a miracle itself. Basically, it took some chocolate, some What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and LT’s coming home from work early and making me laugh that finally helped me settle down.

When I couldn’t sleep later that night, I just gazed over at the wonderful man sharing a bed with me, who was sleeping in a position much more adorable than I will ever admit to him, and I smiled. I felt that mushy warmth inside that can only come from sky-high levels of estrogen and romance, and I fell asleep with the peace of being loved and knowing that everything will work out in the end.


One thought on “Week 10—hysterics

  1. Great blog! Congratulations on the pregnancy!

    You might find my blog interesting if you want to know how a man is feeling during pregnancy!

    All the best,


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