Baby names

I have had very little motivation lately, and since I actually did my homework that was due yesterday, part of me thinks I owe it to myself to take a “break,” as if I haven’t been vegging around the apartment for the past few weeks.

Today, I have been spending my time looking at baby names, discovering that one of my favorite names is in the top 2 names of 2010 babies thus far (ouch). I looked up various name ideas lists on, even looked up other lists like “famous generals,” “most famous Irish people,” and “Tolkien names.” Unfortunately, I don’t know how the Lieutenant would feel naming our child Hasufel, considering it is the name of a horse…

Still, I am finding names that I like. LT and I are waiting to announce our favorites. Mainly because we haven’t chosen them. Also because we don’t want to give it away.

I started raiding my family tree for family names. Ella, one of my favorite names since I heard it was my great, great aunt’s name, is pretty popular right now, so we probably won’t go with that one.

Most of the more unique names from my family tree—Gunhild, Gunda, Gurianna, Ulrica, Berit Bra, Kettle, Guttorm, Aslaug, Maude, Oline—might be a little to “exotic” for us (as exotic as Scandinavia can be). And while I personally think that Torsten is a cool name, I don’t know if it will fly. Surnames like Delaney I absolutely love. Ones like Schrump I think I will avoid.

I just found a website that may be the death of me. It is called Baby Namescape, and it tells you the most popular names, right now, in the country, in the state, in the city, in the hospital even.

Here are the top 10 baby names in the country right now:
Girl Names—Isabella, Olivia, Emma, Sophia, Ava, Madison, Emily, Abigail, Chloe, Addison
Boy Names—Jacob, Michael, Jayden, Ethan, Noah, Joshua, Aiden, Anthony, Logan, William

Here are the top 10 baby names at the University of Minnesota hospital (where I was born):
Girl Names—Lauren, Natalie, Vivian, Ashea, Azhar, Calista, Jimena, Maeve, Myra, Royalty
Boy Names—William, Max, Nolan, Hamza, Aayan, Azarial, Coltrane, Dave, Kong, Osman

On that note (Kong?), I may have to pop in a movie now. One, to get myself to fold the clothes that have been lurking over my shoulder for the past two days, and two, to see if I get any more name inspiration.

Adieu for now!


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