26 January

Lieutenant got me insurance today, which is wonderful, because I have a terribly nasty cold and needed not only antibiotics, but also a refill on my inhaler. I know albuterol is not recommended for expecting mothers, but I think it is sort of important for my baby to have oxygen. You know, to survive and all that within a living mother.

We went to a clinic and then the Walgreens. At both places I came in contact with a women who stated that she was pregnant. The first was talking about it to a lady beside her at the clinic. The second was discussing drugs with a pharmacist. I told LT about coming across two pregnant women,
and he playfully commented that now that I am pregnant, I am more apt to notice when other women are pregnant.

But when an old lady in the checkout lane heard him say, “Now that you’re pregnant, EVERYBODY’S pregnant!” He got the most hilarious glare I have ever seen. The woman’s face was a mixture of shock and accusation. How scandalous we Marine couples can be!

Later today, we could not find the yellow onion we bought from the store last week TO SAVE OUR LIVES. Or, more importantly, our hotdish. We commenced in narrating our search for the onion using operatic voices. Our operetta lasted more than a few minutes.

I love being married.

P.S. We didn’t find the onion, so we used a red one we had been carving for our nightly salads. We will probably find it 3 weeks from now hiding in our closet in its plastic bag.


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